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  • EETS

    12.05.2017: EETS solution - UTA is ready!

    UTA is currently the leading provider of interoperable toll services in Europe!


  • 16.03.2017: New minimum wage law in Austria

    On 1 January 2017 new regulations have come into force in Austria to combat wage and social dumping.


  • Bank Holidays Europe 2017

    16.12.2016: Bank Holidays in Europe 2017

    Every year we provide you with our Bank Holiday Calendar, which gives you all the most important holidays throughout Europe at a glance.


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UTA Card

One for everything. The UTA Service Card System.

Cashless settlement of all vehicle-related services, such as fuels, tolls and many more - conveniently with your UTA Card.

UTA Stationsfinder

Find UTA stations in your area and throughout Europe.

NEW: Registered UTA customers can access currenly valid diesel prices offered at UTA affiliated service stations in Germany based on the current data available to Market Transparency Unit for Fuels.

Telepass EU

Telepass EU - The first interoperable box for tolls in Italy and five other toll systems.

The Telepass EU is a universal solution for various toll systems.


The UTA invoicing service:

Transparent and fast, convenient and tax-optimised. Benefit from simple cost analysis and control and reduce your administrative effort.


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+49 6027 509-131 or:
Toll & Cardservice
+49 6027 509-617

Symbol 24h emergency breakdown telephone number 24h emergency breakdown telephone number
free of charge:
00800 - 88 27 37 84
+49 7333 80 82 28
A list of telephone numbers is available here

Symbol 24h UTA card Blocking Hotline 24h UTA Card Blocking Hotline
free of charge:
00800 - 88 226 226
+49 6027 509-666

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Symbol E-Mail e-mail: service@uta.com

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