Invoicing Service

All services charged to the UTA Full Service Card throughout Europe are invoiced centrally via UTA. In addition to the value added tax reimbursement service, UTA offers its customers net invoicing. The UTA invoicing system is a universal payment, planning and controlling tool for fleet management and consists of four system components:

  • UTA Full Service Card
  • UTA Delivery Note
  • UTA Invoice Itemization
  • UTA Invoice

UTA Full Service Card
The UTA Full Service Card - valid for international payment - is issued by UTA per vehicle without charge. The UTA Full Service Card is available exclusively for vehicle related services. All UTA Service Cards are issued with a vehicle or company PIN code (Personal Identification-Number). PIN code verification protects against card abuse and increases security in case of loss. Any loss of a card must be reported to UTA without delay - the card can then be blocked immediately and the cardholder will receive a new card without additional cost.

UTA Delivery Note
Cashless payment of services with the UTA Full Service Card is processed by electronic scanning, verification and registration of the data on the card. Once the electronic card details have been registered along with the services rendered, the delivery note can be issued for verification and signature by the driver (not required by all fuel companies). All relevant delivery note data is sent from the sites across Europe to the UTA Invoicing Centre.

UTA Invoice Itemization
Every customer receives detailed itemization with the half-monthly invoice. This is a tabular listing of all relevant transaction data sorted by vehicle date, location, type, quantity and value of all deliveries and services rendered, incl. statistics. Alternatively, the transaction data can be provided in electronic format, e. g. for processing in a fleet management system.

UTA Invoice
The amounts and VAT listed on the invoice are based on the data contained in the itemization. Simplification of foreign VAT reimbursement is facilitated by a separate central invoice per country. Invoicing is on a half-monthly basis to the 15th and last day of each calendar month. Payment is executed conveniently by direct debit.


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