Detailed description of services covered by the UTA Full Service Card

UTA Full Service Card

The UTA Full Service Card was designed to significantly reduce administration, decrease expense and ensure cost transparency in commercial fleet management. This key fleet management tool is vehicle related; company reference is a possible alternative on special request. The UTA Full Service Card offers a service scope that far exceeds standard service cards to date, even offering the option of comparative economic cost analysis.

The UTA Full Service Card is accepted in 40 countries in Europe as a method of payment for diesel fuel and lubricants, and is the key to comprehensive services for trucks and buses.

Companies from all European countries, with their many hundred thousand vehicles, avail of the vehicle related UTA Full Service Card every day for cashless payment at more than 54,000 acceptance points, including more than 39,000 service stations and 6,000 workshops throughout Europe.

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Technical features
Embossed service card with a magnetic strip and PIN code security system.

Processing Center
Personalisation, embossing of the card and coding of the magnetic strip, including PIN code allocation by the UTA Processing Center.

Target group
Road haulage and bus companies.

Basic requirement
Secured credit rating

Service cards and other media of acceptance issued via UTA
More than one million

Area of validity

Period of validity
2 years


  • UTA Diesel Service and UTA Plus Service.
  • Cashless payment for diesel fuel and lubricants, spare parts, tyres.
  • Services and charges related to trucks and buses.
  • Invoicing system that supports cost analysis and control, business decisions, reimbursement of foreign VAT, and Fast VAT Recovery Service.
  • UTA Drive & Save® software with a service station price information system, route planning, diesel consumption evaluation and other useful modules.
  • Free UTA Club for all long-distance drivers with many member benefits.

Acceptance points in Europe
More than 54,000 acceptance points, including over 39,000 diesel stations and truckstops in 40 countries in Europe. More than 16,000 acceptance points in Germany, including over 11,000 diesel stations.

No termination notice period requirement. No obligation to purchase. No minimum quantity.

Risk protection
Customer liability through to receipt by UTA of written notification of loss. Many European stations operate electronic card processing, including a blacklist check. Additional security with the PIN code system.

Central invoicing per country twice per month, including consumption listing, separate foreign VAT listing and detailed cost information per vehicle.

No registration fees. No minimum quantity. Only some of the products are subject to a modest service surcharge.

Scope of services under the UTA Full Service Card.

I. UTA diesel-service
Cashless payment for fuel, lubricants, car safety accessories and services within an extensive, multiple brand network of over 39,000 motorway service stations, truckstops and diesel stations in 38 countries in Europe.

UTA's co-operation with the most of national and international mineral oil companies, domiciled all over Europe and Asia guarantees a supply network that covers the entire area with brand name quality to serve your transport routes optimally.

Many European stations use electronic systems to process the UTA cards with the additional security of a PIN code. The network of electronic service stations with PIN code verification is being steadily expanded.

The UTA service network is set up to meet the special needs of drivers and commercial vehicles.

Many stations offer:

  • 24-hour-service
  • Wider lanes with high-speed pumps
  • Electronic card terminals
  • Telephone-, fax- and telex-services
  • Truck parking
  • Showers and washrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Miscellaneous services

II. UTA Plus Service
Cashless payment for spare parts, tyres, services and charges related to trucks and buses in a network with more than 15,000 acceptance points in 40 countries in Europe.

The following Plus Service items can be charged directly to the UTA Card:

  • Tolls
  • Eurovignette motorway toll
  • Repairs at authorised garages
  • Emergency breakdown service around the clock
  • Recovery- and tow-service
  • Tyre-service
  • Refrigeration system-service
  • Ferry-service
  • Tunnel-service
  • Bridge-service
  • Customs clearance-service
  • Vehicle cleaning-service
  • Combined transport-service
  • Rental-service
  • UTA Drive & Save® software


  • Payment of fees on almost all toll motorways in 24 European countries
    (A, B, BG, BY, CH, CZ, D, DK, E, F, GB, H, I, L, LT, LV, NL, NO, P, PL, RO, S, SLO, SK)
  • Route-based motorway tolls in Germany may be paid manually or by automated system.
  • Tolls in France on all motorways, including payment with the UTA MultiBox®light with the favourable staggered rebate rates
  • Motorway tolls in Spain with UTA MultiBox®light and Portugal on the key international motorway routes
  • Motorway tolls in Austria on all motorways
  • Motorway tolls in Italy on all motorways with the ViaCard/UTA or Telepass
  • Motorway and road tolls in Slovenia, Slovakia and Poland
  • Motorway tolls in the Czech Republic and Hungary
  • Heavy goods levy in Switzerland

Motorway toll for trucks of 12 t and above in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden.

By working with the authorised garages of the main commercial vehicle manufacturers, such as Iveco, Daf, MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Kässbohrer, Kögel and many others, we have a comprehensive European network of more than 6,000 repair workshops - often with 24-hour service.

24-hour emergency breakdown-service
Fast assistance on the road regardless of the type of breakdown. This mobile emergency repair service operates in 40 key transit countries to ensure professional and immediate help, with multilingual service staff available around the clock, 7 days per week. One call to the national hotline is enough. They will mobilise the nearest available service vehicle. It is usually possible to fix the fault straight away at the breakdown site. The costs and down time for your vehicle are kept to a minimum.

Recovery- and tow-service
1,000 companies with special heavy-duty vehicles are on call throughout Europe to help if your vehicle should come off the road or if damage is too extensive for on-site repairs.

More than 2,000 service partners offer professional assistance with the tyre sales, balancing and assembly, as well as repairs. Emergency tyre repair is available around the clock, including service at the breakdown site.

Refrigeration system-service
Repair and maintenance of refrigeration units by special thermal vehicles, also available as a 24-hour service at the breakdown site.

Available for almost all North Sea, Ostsee and Mediterranean ferry operators.

Direct card payment of fees for the main European tunnels in A, B, CH, D, E, F, I, SLO, NL.

  • Großer St. Bernhard (CH/I)
  • Mont Blanc (F/I)
  • Frejus (F/I)
  • Karawanken (A/SLO)
  • Arlberg (A)
  • Felbertauern (A)
  • Tunnel de Ste.-Marie-aux-Mines (F)
  • Liefkenshoek, Antwerpen (B) - UTA MultiBox®light
  • Túnel del Cadí (E)
  • Túnels i Accessos de Barcelona (E)
  • Túnel de Artxanda (E)
  • Westerscheldetunnel (NL)
  • Herrentunnel (D)
  • Warnowtunnel (D)

For toll bridges in DK, F, S

Customs clearance-service
Payment of fees for customs clearance and the associated documentation at over 40 border offices in 10 countries.

Vehicle cleaning-service
Exterior and interior cleaning of silo, food, refrigeration and tank vehicles.

Combined transport-service
'Rolling Road', the ideal addition to road-bound transport through A, D, H, I, CH, SLO, RO and the only possibility to circumvent night and weekend transport prohibitions. The travel time can be used as a legally recognised rest period. All charges can be settled directly with the UTA card.

Rental of commercial vehicles as required. Articulated vehicles, support vehicles, semi-trailers, full trailers and special purpose trailers of various makes and with equipment levels. UTA customers are exempt from credit checks, deposits and time-consuming formalities.

UTA Drive & Save® software
UTA's Drive & Save® software is an efficient tool for planning and controlling all vehicle costs. Useful fleet controlling functions automate numerous analysis and evaluation processes, allowing optimum benefits in the area of cost savings.

  • On-line loading of your UTA refuelling transaction data, diagrams showing evaluations
  • Possibilities of comparison of different vehicle groups and locations
  • Monitoring of refuelling transactions at favorably priced service stations
  • Self-supply systems may be integrated into analysis
In our UTA Exclusive Section, on our website, you may not only retrieve your current transaction data, but you will also find exclusive price information, our Station Locator (with integrated route planner) which includes more than 39,000 petrol stations throughout Europe with UTA card acceptance, plus calculation of the shortest route from A to B.

III. UTA invoicing service
The basis for vehicle cost control, economic decisions and reimbursement of VAT. All services charged to the UTA Full Service Card are invoiced centrally. The advantages are:

  • Personalised fuelling and service card with the added security of a PIN code
  • Half-monthly, detailed cost and consumption information for each individual vehicle
  • Primarily electronically processed delivery notes
  • Tried and tested invoicing system that saves time and money
  • Separate central invoice per country
  • Reimbursement of foreign VAT
  • Fast VAT Recovery Service

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