New Toll System in Hungary

With effect from 1st July 2013, the vignette system in Hungary is expected to be replaced by a route-related toll system (HU-GO) for vehicles over 3.5 tons. The tolled road network comprises motorways, roads and federal highways. However, for buses/coaches and vehicles up to 3.5 tons, the currently existing toll system (vignette) remains unchanged.

Initially, the new toll system is based on a pre-paid route booking system, in which the point of departure and the destination (maximum of four stopovers) and all relevant vehicle data (vehicle registration number, nationality plate, pollutant category, number of axles, gross vehicle weight) must be quoted. The toll amount to be paid depends on: road category used, distance, vehicle category and pollutant category.

It should be possible to schedule und pre-book the route at the terminals (kiosks) of the distribution points, which are to be implemented nationwide, as well as at service stations. Shortly, it should be possible to pre-book on the Internet, in the customer service area of the HU-GO system ( At service station which already offer UTA Card acceptance, it will be possible to purchase route-related tickets against settlement by means of the UTA Card.

Furthermore, we are currently working on obtaining UTA Card acceptance

  • at different offices conducted by forwarding agents which are located in border areas, as well as
  • at the toll stations operated by the ÁAK (the Hungarian authority responsible for motorways).

The route-related ticket must be purchased before entering the route-section which is subject to toll. It only authorises for a one-time use and only on the pre-planned route-section.

The introduction of an electronic toll system by means of an on board unit (OBU) is in planning stage. However, a specific starting date has not yet been communicated.

We will, as usual, keep you informed about any further developments and news about the new toll system in Hungary.

EETS solution - UTA is ready!

As the European Union is taking the market towards a centralised toll solution (EETS-Provider), UTA will provide its customers with a comprehensive EETS solution this year.


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