New toll system in the Republic of Belarus: Order your OBU via UTA!

In the Republic of Belarus is an electronic toll system called "BelToll" implemented. The toll fee must be paid electronically by means of an OBU which is based on microwave technology. It is not possible to settle the relevant tolls in the BelToll network by means of the UTA Full Service Card.

UTA is the first and so far the only company in our line of business offering settlement of BelToll by means of the OBU in the post-pay procedure.

The post-pay procedure is a comfortable solution, if your vehicles are regularly travelling in the Republic of Belarus. You can order your OBU simply via UTA and, after receipt of order confirmation, the OBU can be collected at any distribution point in the Republic of Belarus.  

A deposit of 50 € must be paid per OBU. The deposit will be restituted, if the OBU has been returned in faultless condition.

All vehicles are subject to toll, with the exception of:

  • vehicles registered in those countries pertaining to the customs union (Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan), with an admissible total weight of up to 3.5 tons
  • motorcycles registered in the Republic of Belarus
  • wheeled tractors and self-driving machines
  • emergency vehicles
  • urban taxis
  • rescue vehicles and emergency intervention vehicles, aid transport/convoys to Belarus and other countries

The BelToll System comprises about 1,189 kilometres of toll roads. A second "state of expansion" is intended to connect motorway M4 (Minsk - Mogilev) and M5 (Minsk -Gomel).

The toll rate is based on the number of axles, the admissible total weight of the vehicle and the route/distance travelled. The rate per kilometre is determined by the corresponding vehicle category.

Do you want to settle tolls conveniently in the post-pay procedure?

EETS solution - UTA is ready!

As the European Union is taking the market towards a centralised toll solution (EETS-Provider), UTA will provide its customers with a comprehensive EETS solution this year.

Should you require more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.


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