HGV Toll in Great Britain

With effect from 1st April 2014, a time-based tax will be introduced in Great Britain for all foreign HGVs with a gross vehicle weight of 12 tons and above. The tax, which applies to public roads in Great Britain, must be paid via an online portal before entering the country.

Day, seven-day, monthly or annual vignettes can be obtained by means of the UTA Full Service Card. As of 17 March 2014, the Northgate (toll operator) website will be available for online booking of vignettes.

Lkw Maut Großbritannien ; Lkw Maut UK

In addition, it will also be possible to book vignettes on ferryboats and at several service stations or truckstops via the web portal. Certain employees – so-called „agents“ – wearing a „HGV Levy“ hoodie jacket, will be happy to assist you.

We recommend to book your vignettes by means of the UTA Card via the web portal and to register in the web portal, because only registered users will be able to cancel vignettes or request reimbursement of vignettes booked (only full months, in case of monthly or annual vignettes, will be reimbursed).

Due to the fact, that it is an electronic vignette, which is booked directly into the operator’s system, it is not required to attach a vignette inside the vehicle.

The price of the vignette depends on the period specified, the type of vehicle, the number of axles and the gross vehicle weight.

The vehicle licence plate number is checked electronically. Controls are also effected on ferryboats. In case of any discrepancies (missing vignette, wrong rate), the vehicle data will be forwarded to the relevant law enforcement authorities. The fine per offence is 300 £ (ca. 360 Euro). If the fine cannot be paid, the vehicle will be confiscated, and this may lead to considerable delivery delays, plus a deposit in the amount of 300 £ must also be provided.

EETS solution - UTA is ready!

As the European Union is taking the market towards a centralised toll solution (EETS-Provider), UTA will provide its customers with a comprehensive EETS solution this year.

Should you require more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.


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