Road safety is an important issue to us.

Every day, minor or medium heavy accidents occur on European roads, sometimes even with severe consequences. To reduce these, the European Union has introduced an officially valid guideline called the „European Charta for Road Safety“, abbreviated ECS. The task which has to be performed is to save 25,000 lives in road traffic. It’s core target is to reduce the number of accident victims in road traffic by 50% in the EU countries until 2020.

Municipalities, associations and companies of different lines of business all over Europe are supporting this initiative. The signatories of the ECS are participating (by different measures) in reaching this target. UTA is amongst the first companies who signed.

In order to fulfil our „voluntary code of conduct“, we have developed specific measures to improve road safety.


1.  Cooperation with DocStop

In 2007, UTA has concluded a long-term partnership with DocStop to improve medical en route services for drivers. This way, we want to ensure that drivers can receive medical treatment even en route and, thus, to avoid severe health threats during a journey.

How does DocStop work?

In case of any type of health problems, drivers can call the DocStop Hotline (01805 112 024) to get information about a nearby DocStop Station, where the driver can obtain medical treatment (right there) and then continue his/her journey safely.

2.  Cooperation with TÜV Rheinland (= Technical Control Board Rhineland).

According to the professional driver qualification law (Berufskraftfahrer-Qualifikationsgesetz = BKrFQG), professional drivers in road haulage or passenger traffic with a driving licence of the categories C1/C1E/C/CE respectively D1/D1E/D/DE are obligated to provide proof of regular professional training.

In our media, we regularly inform drivers and fleet managers about dates and news referring to such professional training programmes, in particular, those related to safe driving, load safety and efficient driving.

3.  Secure parking

We offer a UTA Parking Service for our customers and professional drivers. In cooperation with our partners, we, thus, offer a „carefree“ parking for our customers‘ drivers. When time is short and rest times must be observed, drivers are often pressed for time, and this might lead to high speed and stress situations on roads all over Europe. Our UTA Parking Service facilitates an easier search for parking areas, ensures safe parking and, consequently, facilitates reviving sleep and fitness for the next route.


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