Toll in Croatia – toll invoicing with UTA

Waiting at the toll station is a thing of the past: Secure the toll box for Croatia and get to your destination faster.

In Croatia, all vehicles have to pay toll, and it is calculated based on how many kilometres you have driven on the motorway. With UTA and the ENC On-Board Unit (ENC OBU) you can use the route network of Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o. (HAC) and Autocesta Rijeka - Zagreb d.d. (ARZ). This guarantees a network coverage of about 90 percent.

Croatian route network

Your advantages with UTA:

  • You get automatic access to the operator discounts: up to 35.43% for categories III and IV and 13.04% for categories I and II
  • Special ENC lanes allow you to pass through the toll stations faster
  • You benefit from the post-pay method, which means you do not need a pre-pay balance.
  • This ensures convenient terms of payment and clear invoicing

Which vehicles is this device for?

The ENC OBU can be used via UTA for vehicle categories I, II, III and IV.

How do you register?

Complete the registration document and hand it in at one of the HAC Points of Sale. There you present your UTA card to select the post-pay payment method. You will receive your ENC OBU there and then.

How much does the toll cost?

To find out about the purchase price of the ENC OBU, current rates and other information about toll in Croatia, visit the HAC website.


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