On the roads of France

In France, the motorway network is under the control of operating companies who collect toll fees independently and individually. While almost all motorways are subject to toll fees, there are a few exceptions: bypasses around big cities and the motorway in Alsace that runs along the border. Unlike in Germany, in France all vehicles are subject to toll.

UTA enables you to pass through quickly by providing cashless payment system as well as many attractive toll discounts for France. This saves hassle, money & fuel!

The French toll system

All you need to know

France has a closed toll system with entrances and exits. This means that the toll fees are paid at the toll station when you leave the motorway. The final toll fee depends on the distance travelled and on vehicle and emission class (with the latter only affecting the toll fees of special toll routes), which means it can vary widely. While toll-free routes do exist, there are very few of them – and in most cases motorway toll fees are unavoidable.
The special toll routes in France include the Mont Blanc Tunnel and the Tunnel du Fréjus, which require separate processing. For more information, please see the table below.

This is how you settle the toll

Choose your toll medium!

In France, you generally settle the toll by cash, credit card or, particularly conveniently, with an on-board unit. If you have an on-board unit, you do not need to stop and instead drive on one of the special lanes marked with an orange “T”. The other lanes are also marked with self-explanatory symbols, which make it easy to use the toll stations. Please note: EC cards are not accepted, unfortunately. The French toll system is based on tonnage and vehicle class, and works as follows:

  • System TIS VL (Télépéage Inter Sociétés – Véhicule Légere) for vehicles up to 3.5 tons or up to 3 metres in height (class 1, 2 and 5).
  • System TIS PL (Télépéage Inter Sociétés – Poids Lourds) for vehicles over 3.5 tons or over 3 metres in height (class 3 & 4).
Vehicles >3.5t or ≥3m in heightlight vehicles/cars ≤3.5t and <3m in height

 UTA One®

UTA MultiBox®Liber-t
Telepass EU
UTA MultiBox®
UTA MultiBox®Light
TMB card (Tunnel du Mont Blanc/Fréjus)
UTA full-service card for the Tunnel du Fréjus 

UTA full-service card for the Mont Blanc Tunnel

UTA toll service in France

Your advantages with UTA at a glance

  • Convenient post-pay method with attractive payment terms
  • Detailed and clear invoicing of your toll transactions
  • Collective invoice with VAT statement and where applicable net invoice without VAT
  • Online management of your toll media in the UTA Exclusive Section.
  • Forms and information documents for download in the UTA Exclusive Section.
  • Over-the-phone advice and customer support by toll experts during opening hours

Attractive discounts with UTA

Benefit from attractive discounts!

As a UTA customer and user of an on-board unit you benefit from attractive discounts for HGVs and buses! If you pay your toll using a toll box, you could benefit from exclusive discounts; there are some discounts which apply automatically, and some which have to be applied for and incur a charge. Sounds complicated? We are happy to advise you personally on whether a discount agreement is an option for you!

An overview about the individual operators and their discount conditions is available in the UTA Exclusive Section.

UTA tax service in France

Possible refunds

As a business operator you can claim back the VAT on the French toll fees! VAT is currently 20%. UTA organises the refund for you, which means you don’t have to deal with the bureaucracy or possible language barriers. We do it all for you and you get a nice rebate at the end!

UTA parking service in France

Pay your parking fees with your OBU!

Do your drivers not only use the French motorways and toll stations, but also spend time on metered car parks? Take advantage of UTA's extensive parking acceptance network! Many car park operators (incl. multi-storey car parks) already allow you to pay their charges using an on-board unit. These car parks – just like the toll stations – are marked with an orange “T” on a black background.

What’s more, parking fees are generally refundable. Check your parking fees for a possible VAT refund! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

How do you work out the toll?

The rates are based on route and vehicle category. The toll calculator in the UTA Exclusive Section has all the details about how toll is worked our across Europe.

EETS solution - UTA is good to go!

As additional toll systems are set up for providers of interoperable toll systems (EETS providers), UTA also continuously develops its offerings.


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