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HGV toll was introduced in Germany in 2005. Initially, it was only levied on motorways and very busy federal roads for HGVs ≥ 7.5 tons. The toll network was extended on 1 July 2018 and now applies to all federal roads in Germany as well as the motorways. Currently, car drivers can still use the German road network free of charge, but the introduction of a car toll is becoming increasingly likely.

With UTA, you have a number of options for settling the current HGV toll quickly and conveniently. We work closely together with Toll Collect to make it easier for you to pay your toll fees so you can drive through Germany without delays!

UTA informs you about all details related to HGV toll on German motorways and federal roads. 

Settling HGV toll fees

This is how the toll fees are collected

The toll fees are collected via an open system of toll bridges on motorways and control pillars on federal roads. This is done via a satellite-based generation of the toll transaction and a video analysis of the registration number of your vehicle.

The amount of the HGV toll depends on your route, the emission class of the vehicle as well as the vehicle’s weight and number of axles.

The link below takes you to overviews of the vehicle categories and a toll calculator, which works our your rate per kilometre for you.

Manual booking and toll processing:

This can be done via an app, online or at the toll terminal. It’s a bit like buying a ticket: You can settle the toll fees using your UTA Full Service Card, in cash, via a credit account or with an EC or credit card.

To do this, you provide the relevant vehicle data, the date of the trip as well as start and destination. The toll fee is then automatically worked out based on the shortest route within the toll road network. 

Electronic booking and toll processing:


Your On-Board Unit sends the saved and encrypted vehicle data to the computer centre of Toll Collect via radio and with a time delay. The route data are then worked out using GPS and also sent to the computer centre. Your vehicle data are then matched with the transmitted route data, and on this basis the toll fees for your HGV are calculated. 


There are three ways of checking that the toll fees have been settled: 

  • Stationary devices: e.g. control bridges or pillars.
  • Mobile devices: on vehicles
  • Operationally: by a BAG official.

Choose your toll solution 

UTA acceptance media for toll in Germany

 You can use the following acceptance media for HGV toll on German motorways and federal roads: 

  • Road toll
HGV ≥ 7.5 t

other vehicles < 7.5 t

UTA One® --
Toll Collect OBU

Full Service Card (route booking)



  • Special toll routes Herrentunnel and Warnowquerung (toll applies to all vehicles)

Vehicles > 3.5 tother vehicles
UTA MultiBox® --
UTA MultiBox®Light
UTA Full Service Card


UTA toll service in German 

Our toll service makes your trips easier

Settle your toll fees quickly and easily via UTA:

  • Manual toll booking via your UTA Full Service Card: UTA does the invoicing, which includes a list of individual invoice items. If you are registered with Toll Collect, you can view your individual trips on the toll operator’s portal.
  • Electronic toll booking via your On-Board Unit: You can register for German toll with your UTA toll experts using the respective acceptance medium. The invoice will be issued by UTA as usual.


Via the UTA toll service you benefit from a convenient post-pay payment method, both for electronic bookings and when you use your UTA Full Service Card for manual entry at the terminal.

On the special toll routes Warnowquerung and Herrentunnel, the UTA Full Service Card can be used for all vehicles. 

UTA tax service in Germany

As a business operator, you can claim back the VAT which is currently only charged on the special toll routes (Herrentunnel and Warnowquerung)! HGV toll is a public administration levy, which means it is not subject to VAT. VAT is currently at 19%.

UTA organises the refund for you, which means you don’t have to deal with any correspondence and any resulting language barriers. We make things easy for you and you get a nice rebate at the end!

Find our about your advantages!

Parking with UTA 

UTA parking service in Germany

Use our parking service on numerous car parks along German motorways and federal roads. In cooperation with car park operators, we offer you the convenient option of paying your parking fees with the UTA Full Service Card. This allows your drivers to relax and comply with rest periods.

What’s more, parking fees are generally refundable. Check your parking fees for a possible VAT refund! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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