“Life is Easy” with UTA’s EasyGo® Service

EasyGo® is a consortium of toll operators in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The BroBizz® box enables fast and easy passage through more than 50 toll stations, including tunnels, ferries, roads (NO) and bridges such as the Øresund (DK-SE), the Storebælt (DK) and the Svinesund (SE-NO). The Eurovignette shall continue to apply to the settlement of tolls in DK and SE (obligatory for vehicles ≥ 12 tonnes).

As of now, you may use the BroBizz® box in and around Harstad as well as on the Rv 36 Skyggestein–Skjelbredstrand and Fv 32 Gimleveien–Augestadveien routes.

Your BroBizz® box has an antenna that transmits a unique BroBizz® number to the toll station as you drive through. Once the toll station has received this number, the barrier is raised, allowing you to pass through without having to wait.

Please note: The Eurovignette is still used to settle road toll in Denmark and Sweden for vehicles >12 t.

EasyGo BroBizz®-Box

These are your UTA BroBizz® box benefits:

  • the BroBizz® box can be used at more than 50 toll stations in 3 countries
  • benefit from lucrative rebates: up to 13% off the cash price
  • easy and fast passage through toll stations – saves time, stress and fuel
  • better liquidity due to attractive payment terms
  • integration of your toll data into the UTA invoice (depending on the operator, including tax statement)
  • easy registration number change possible

New: Additional discounts in Norway

You can now benefit from discounts of up to 50% on toll roads in Norway.

Simply register for the special discounts in the UTA Exclusive Section or get in touch with our toll experts on +49 6027 509-669 or email them at support@uta.com.

How do you order the UTA BroBizz® box?

Order your BroBizz® box quickly and easily. Just return the completed order form. We will assume all administrative tasks on your behalf.

How do we proceed?

We will prepare your UTA BroBizz® box for shipment upon receiving your order. You will receive it within 2–3 business days, depending on the delivery times of the courier service.

Have you sold a vehicle which had a BroBizz® box? Just use the BroBizz® box in your new vehicle. Send us the new vehicle data and we will reconfigure the box for you, without having to bring it to a workshop, downtime or additional costs.

Should you no longer need the BroBizz® box, just return it to us in the padded envelope included with the original delivery. Should your BroBizz® box go missing due to loss or theft, we will lock it once you have submitted the lock request form, where you may also state whether or not you require a replacement.

EETS solution - UTA is ready!

As the European Union is taking the market towards a centralised toll solution (EETS-Provider), UTA will provide its customers with a comprehensive EETS solution this year.


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