24h UTA Card Blocking Hotline

In case of loss or theft of a UTA Card, it is required to react without delay! Please do not hesitate to contact UTA immediately.
This is the best possible way to avoid fraudulent use of your card and/or your card data in case of loss or theft.

Should you notice that your card has been lost or has been stolen, please contact UTA immediately by calling our 24h UTA Card Blocking Hotline at:

00800 - 88 226 226 (free phone number)

or +49 (0) 6027 509-666

We will be at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will block your card as soon as possible. Thus, it can be avoided that your card will be used by unauthorised persons and a possible financial loss can be limited.

Please note: In addition it is - according to UTAs GTC - necessary to hand in a written confirmation for the card to be blocked. For this you have the following options:

Please consult the UTA Safety Instructions once again, because the diligent and conscientious use of your UTA Card is the best prevention from card fraud or misuse.

UTA's recommendations for card security:

  • Never leave your UTA Service Card unattended in your vehicle or somewhere in your company building.
  • Always treat your service card as if it was cash and always carry your service card along with you.
  • Always memorise your PIN code and never keep it together with your service card.
  • Always ask the service station personnel to use the card within eyeshot.
  • Always make sure that the PIN code is not observable by others when entering it.
  • Check your invoices for correctness (dates and fuel consumptions) at regular intervals.
  • Always report any loss or theft of a service card immediately.


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+49 6027 509-669 or:
UTA Card Service
+49 6027 509-660
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+49 6027 509-617

Symbol 24h emergency breakdown telephone number 24h emergency breakdown telephone number
free of charge:
00800 - 88 27 37 84
A list of telephone numbers is available here

Symbol 24h UTA card Blocking Hotline 24h UTA Card Blocking Hotline
free of charge:
00800 - 88 226 226
+49 6027 509-666

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A list of telephone numbers is available here

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