UTA Full Service Card – card security comes first

At UTA, security is a top priority.

And so we would like to take this opportunity to once again draw your attention to our safety instructions. Please pay particular attention to these tips in your day-to-day handling of our service cards. Being careful with the service cards and the PIN codes is the best protection against card fraud.

UTA provides security with its PIN system and transaction monitoring; but it is also the responsibility of every card holder to treat the UTA service card with care and conscientiousness. Make your drivers aware of the importance of the following safety instructions:

UTA's recommendations for card security:

  • The service card must not be handed to another person and the PIN must not be passed on to third parties.
  • Never leave the card unattended in the vehicle or in the company premises.
  • Treat the card like cash and carry it with you at all times.
  • Memorise the PIN code and never store it together with the card.
  • Request that the staff at the service station use the card in such a way that you can see it.
  • Make sure that the PIN code cannot be seen by others as you enter it by covering the keyboard with your other hand or an object (e.g. wallet).
  • Let us know immediately if you notice anything unusual during the payment processing.
  • Regularly check the invoices to make sure date and fuel quantities are plausible; this can now also be done in the UTA Exclusive Section. The Service Center in our UTA Exclusive Section under "Reporting" offers many analysis and alerting options.
  • Always report the loss of your fuel card to UTA immediately.
  • Before entering your PIN code, make sure the fuel terminal has not been tampered with, and do not allow another person to help you enter your PIN code.

If you use a company PIN for your fuel cards, we recommend that you switch to the so-called system PIN. This system involves a randomly generated PIN for each fuel card.

What do you do in the event of loss or theft?
Unfortunately, vehicle burglaries and fuel card thefts do happen all over Europe. Offenders usually work systematically and break into parked vehicles, broken down vehicles or vehicles on company premises. In most cases, they steal fuel and service cards. However, even if nothing seems to have been stolen, we recommend that you block the card. It is possible that the perpetrators used the break-in to access card data.

You must react immediately in such cases, because when a fuel card is lost or stolen, time really is money.

This is how you to block your card:
Go to the online UTA Exclusive Section,

call freephone number: 00800 – 88 226 226
send a fax to: 00800 - 88 225 225 
or send an email to: Service@UTA.com



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