Tolls in France

Who is obliged to pay tolls?

In France, motor vehicles are subject to tolls on most motorways and expressways. Moreover, all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are subject to tolls for some bridges and tunnels too. Toll tariffs in France are not standardised but may vary from one route to another; some motorways are even toll free.

Toll settlement is easier and more cost-effective than ever with the smart UTA MultiBox®: UTA enables quick transit through toll stations due to cashless settlement and many exclusive rebates on motorway tolls in France!

Questions and answers about tolls in France

How are tolls settled?

Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes or over 3 m high can settle TIS PL tolls with the UTA MultiBox® or the UTA MultiBox®light:

Die Maut in Frankreich mit UTA abrechnen

Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and under 3 m high can use the UTA MultiBox®Liber-t for the easy and cashless settlement of TIS VL/Liber-t tolls:

Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes can also use the Telepass EU and benefit from attractive rebates at toll stations in France:

How are tolls calculated?

Tariffs are determined based on road usage and vehicle category. Please use the toll calculator in the UTA Exclusive Area for details about toll calculations in Europe.

When are tolls invoiced?

Tolls are invoiced by UTA every two weeks. We provide you with a Single Item Verification document with your tour details. Additionally, you can retrieve an overview of your rebates from our Service Centre.

Do you also drive through the Mont Blanc Tunnel and/or the Fréjus Tunnel?

Here you will find all the relevant information about the Mont Blanc/Fréjus Card.

EETS solution - UTA is ready!

As the European Union is taking the market towards a centralised toll solution (EETS-Provider), UTA will provide its customers with a comprehensive EETS solution this year.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any query about tolls in France.

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