Lorry toll service – toll invoicing with UTA in Europe

Lorry toll service by UTA. Cashless and convenient toll invoicing with the toll service by UTA. Cashless invoicing of the lorry toll through UTA across Europe.

These days, almost everywhere in Europe you have to pay fees to use traffic structures, including motorways, tunnels, bridges and ferries. As well as additional costs, this also means lots of administrative work. With UTA, this can be significantly reduced. Through UTA, your drivers can settle their lorry toll without cash throughout Europe, including with various different toll devices for electronic toll collection systems.

A toll is a fee charged for the use of traffic structures (such as roads, motorways, bridges and tunnels). This fee is paid at toll stations. How much depends on a variety of factors such as emission class, the country you’re in and the distance covered – and not least also on vehicle class.

Toll Service Europe

If you would like more information about UTA’s toll services in Europe, click on the relevant country on our interactive map:


Lorry toll: Who has to pay?

In Germany, the lorry toll currently only applies to vehicles from 7.5 tons of permissible total weight. Other vehicles can use motorways, bridges, tunnels etc. free of charge. The situation is different in the rest of Europe: In almost all European countries, lorries as well as cars and motorbikes have to pay toll at least on some routes. The up-to-date toll table tells you on which routes lorries have to pay toll in Germany.

Frequent and long-distance lorry drivers in particular usually have to pass through many toll stations. As a UTA customer, toll invoicing is easier then ever: You pass through the toll stations quickly and easily, and in several European countries you can benefit from attractive bonuses and discounts!

You settle your toll quickly & without needing cash

On the roads of Europe, electronic toll collection systems have been fast-tracking the toll payments for lorries for a number of years. With UTA's On-Board Units (also called OBUs), long waiting times at the toll stations and time-consuming cash payments for lorries are a thing of the past Instead, as you pass through the toll station, the toll fee is automatically registered and settled via the electronic device that is installed in the lorry. This saves money, hassle & especially a lot of time!

With the EETS solution through the whole of Europe

In the same year, UTA, in cooperation with Telepass, also introduced a toll solution for France, Spain, Portugal, the Liefkenshoektunnel as well as for Italy and Poland. The BroBizz® box is an interoperable solution for Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway). And UTA is planning even more in terms of EETS for Europe – for example, Austria will be added at the end of 2017.

Since 2007, UTA has been continuously working on an extensive universal solution for all European toll environments. There are currently three different solutions. The UTA MultiBox®, which has been the EETS solution in the Viapass system since 2016, enables straightforward toll payment when passing through France, Spain, Portugal and the Liefkenshoektunnel.

Furthermore, the first quarter of 2018 is all about innovation: UTA is planning a completely new and technologically leading OBU solution that comes one step closer to the goal of having one single, transnational and therefore Europe-wide EETS solution - UTA One®.

EETS – what’s that?

EETS stands for “European electronic toll service”. The goal of EETS is to make it easier for drivers to access the tolled European road network with a single contract and just one on-board unit (OBU) by one EETS provider. A number of legal and commercial conditions must be put into place on the way to this interoperability. UTA has taken on a leading role in this regard.

Register yourself and your drivers with UTA now, and benefit from attractive services and discounts on toll fees, when refuelling or for repairs!

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